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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Ride To The Wall 2014 - Pre Ride Message

Another year has passed and it is time again for motorcyclists to gather and ride together to The National Memorial Arboretum on Saturday the 4th of October 2014 to pay our respects and to remember those who can no longer ride by our side.

There are eleven starting points around the country with many hundreds of motorcyclists riding towards The National Memorial Arboretum from each of the points. On Saturday 4th October you will be riding with thousands of fellow motorcyclists who share the values of Remembrance, Respect and support for our Armed Forces and recognise the sacrifice made by the names on the wall.

All information on start points is available on our website:

Each starting place will have clearly identifiable marshals to assist you should you require it. There are also full toilet and refreshment facilities to allow riders to rest prior to the organised ride in start.

Your safety is of paramount importance. Please familiarise yourself with the information on the ride which you will find on our website:

Upon arrival at The National Memorial arboretum you will be directed to the relevant parking area:

All rides are timed to ensure a steady flow of arrivals at The National Memorial Arboretum to ensure timely and orderly parking, and to give you plenty of time to explore the beautiful complex of memorials and have lunch before the main remembrance service commences.

This year the ride from Drayton Manor composed of the flag bearers will be riding in to the NMA past the Basra Memorial wall, towards the Armed Forces Memorial and then up the causeway so photographers may wish to position themselves accordingly.

The details of the order of events:

There will also be an opportunity to view and purchase the full range of RTTW merchandise. Please only purchase items from the authorised point of sale. Your purchases will help to contribute towards the upkeep of the venue that perpetuates the memory of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Please note that merchandise sales are CASH ONLY as we do not have any facility to take card payments of any sort.

Any further updates will be posted on the website blog, our Facebook and Twitter pages so please visit regularly and we will keep you in touch with Ride To The Wall 2014.

Your participation in the ride and the ever growing number who join us every year is a visible and tangible sign of the respect and gratitude that motorcyclists have for the sacrifices made by our Armed Forces.

As ever we are humbled and grateful for the fantastic support that the ride receives.

We very much look forward to seeing you on 4th October 2014 where we will ride to remember those who can no longer ride by our side.

See you at the Wall.

The Trustees, Directors and Committee of Ride To The Wall

Disclaimer: RTTW (Ride To The Wall) accepts no legal liability for accident, injury, loss or damage incurred whilst attending the RTTW, irrespective of ANY GUIDANCE or INSTRUCTION from Officers, Marshals or Representatives of RTTW. You must ensure both the safety of yourselves, the general public and event attendees. You must read the guidance note on the ride and parking. By participating in RTTW you agree to these conditions.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

RTTW 2014 Order of Events

RTTW 2014

Order of Events*

1030 - 1330 Royal Veterinary Corp Dog Display Team
1045 - 1055 Pipers on steps of AFM

Pause in proceedings for daily 1100 service

1130 - 1140 Aerobatic display – non military
1145 - 1200 Military Wives below AFM
1205 - 1215 Pipers on steps of AFM

Main Flag bearers start arriving approx 1230 (Piper to walk in front of Flag bearers up the Causeway)

1300 - 1315 Military Wives below AFM

(John Foster and party to the Wall)

1320 - 1325 Take me home – Darren Smith
1330 - 1335 Tiger Moth biplane dropping poppy petal along causeway
1345 - 1350 You are not Fallen solo by Emma Munro-Wilson (with DVD from last year)
1355 - 1400 Pipers on steps of AFM
1400  BBMF flypast - Dakota
1402  Welcome from Founder - Martin Dickinson
1405  Short address by Major General Lamont Kirkland – Patron RTTW
1410  Short address by Air Commodore Simon Richardson – Senior RAF representative to RTTW
1415  Short address by Sarah Montgomery– MD National Memorial Arboretum
1420  Service conducted by Mike Brotherton
1430  Last post followed by a minute’s silence
1434  Reveille
1435 Wreath laying led by Dave Smith (piper) followed by Martin Dickinson and Major General Kirkland


*All timings are approximate but every endeavour will be made to stick to them as closely as possible

DVDs to be played after wreaths have been laid. To be played when non wreath layers are processing to the Wall (produced by Paul Ward - clips to Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits)